Meet Theory Girl Hazel

S. N. Hazel Mak is a physics graduate student at Brown University. Her research revolves around supersymmetry, from mathematical structures to applications to various models.

One line of her research involves 10D & 11D superfields and supergravity theories. She and her collaborators developed efficient methods in constructions of superfields in arbitrary spacetime dimensions which enabled them to finally reveal the Lorentz component descriptions of 11D superfields 40 years since the introduction of 11D on-shell supergravity. This allows efficient searches of prepotential candidates required to construct superfield supergravities.

Another line of research involves constructions of supersymmetric Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev (SYK) models. The SYK model describes random fermionic interactions and possesses nice features such as exactly solvable, maximally chaotic and emergent conformal symmetries at low energies when the number of fermions becomes large. It serves as the simplest toy model for holography. She and her collaborators extend this model to contain N = 4 supersymmetries.

Her recent research interests include amplitudes and cluster algebras.

Hazel has extensive experience in research mentorship. She served as an instructor in the Summer Student Theoretical Physics Research Session (SSTPRS) held by S. James Gates, Jr. for 2 years to teach Lie algebras, differential geometry, and supersymmetry to over 40 students. During her graduate study, she has led about 30 master and undergraduate students from different universities to collaborate on several research projects, and some of them turned into publications.

Before joining Brown, she completed a B.Sc. in Physics with highest honors and a minor in Mathematics from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.