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An Interview with Dr. Sinead Griffin

Dr. Sinead Griffin is a physicist from the Materials Science Division and Molecular Foundry at Berkeley Lab. We had the honor of interviewing her. Check out the podcast!

Laura and Klaountia, two founding members of the theory girls, have interviewed Sinead Griffin. Sinead is a physicist that is particularly interested in the bridge between condensed matter and high energy physics. She describes how an experiment that could be used to test a result in high energy theory drew her to dive into both topics. In addition to describing a bit about her PhD studies, she gives some general advice about those of you that are currently working on a PhD. She also talks about some of her current work in which she is looking for ways to detect dark matter. The interview begins with Sinead telling us a little bit about what inspired her early on to study physics.

To find out more about Dr. Sinead Griffin, visit her personal site.

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