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Theory Thinkers: Meta

Below is the meta puzzle for the Theory Thinkers series. If you have not yet solved the three main puzzles, you should give them a try before you try this one. The answers from the previous three puzzles will be necessary for solving this meta puzzle.

You can fill in your answers for the three main puzzles below for easy reference:

Puzzle 1 (Holography): A = _ _ _ _

Puzzle 2 (Optics): B = _ _ _ _

Puzzle 3 (Research Log) : C = _ _ _ _


What Does it Mean?

Meta Puzzle


I’m not one for symbology. But I think first impressions are very important as is proper name conventions. At the end of the day, how would you describe this research?

A + 2C

2B + 3C

A – B + C

A + 1

3B – C


2B – 2

8(A – 3B) + C

B + 6C

A – 4C


Author: Anthony Hoover


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