Founded by Erin Blauvelt, Delilah Gates, Laura Johnson, S. N. Hazel Mak, Shruti Paranjape, and Klaountia Pasmatsiou.


The Theory Girls are a group of six scientists who research various aspects of theoretical physics: Dr. Erin Blauvelt, Dr. Delilah Gates, Dr. Laura Johnson, S. N. Hazel Mak, Dr. Shruti Paranjape, and Klaountia Pasmatsiou. The Theory Girls website brings together content in two different formats in order to showcase women in physics/STEM, life as a physicist, and the amazing, fun science in the world around us to anyone curious and excited to learn. 


The first format is a podcast hosted by all, or a subset, of the Theory Girls. The podcasts range from discussions on topics in theoretical physicists to interviews with well-established scientists. The website also hosts a sprinkling of science-fiction that threads together concepts in physics. The podcasts are aimed at a variety of audiences. The second format is a community blog which consists of a curated set of articles by “friends of the Theory Girls”, scientists, and mathematicians across the world.


Five of the Theory Girls met at TASI (Theoretical Advanced Study Institute) in 2019 where they bonded over good physics and the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Recognizing the importance of belonging to a supportive community, they decided to start the Theory Girls: where physics is for everyone.







The Founders







Additional Contributors to the Site


Erica Entrop

Contributing Artist for the Theory Girls' Website

Erica Entrop was born in Roswell, New Mexico and graduated Cum Laude from the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque with her BFA. While attending the university, she participated in the Land Arts of the American West program through which she was able to begin defining her own style working under the guidance of artists Erika Osborne and Bill Gilbert. After completing her studies she began traveling across the
united states exhibiting in different locations always continuing to hone her own artistic voice. She has had an extensive artistic career having participated in exhibitions across the country and Cuba. Her works have recently been included in the Premier edition of Blue Bee Magazine. In the past year, she has participated in the 13th Havana Biannual and the 25th Romerias Festival showcasing her newest film works in collaboration with her partner, Cuban artist, Darwin Estacio Martinez. She lives and works in Havana.


Andrew Hanlon, PhD   

Co-editor of the Editorial

Andrew Hanlon is a postdoc in the nuclear theory group at Brookhaven National Lab (BNL) on Long Island in New York. He graduated with a PhD in theoretical physics, with a focus on lattice QCD, from the University of Pittsburgh in 2017. He then spent three years in Germany at the University of Mainz as a postdoc before joining the group at BNL. A core component of his research focuses on the study of the spectrum of hadrons and their interactions using lattice QCD. Some of his most recent work involves progress towards the resolution of the two-nucleon controversy within the lattice community and pushing the boundaries of the three-particle finite-volume quantization condition.

Tia's Bio Photo.jpg

Tia Blauvelt

Marketing Coordinator  for the Theory Girls

Tia received her B.A in Music Industry from the University of New Haven in 2019. Currently residing in Philadelphia, PA, she is looking to gain experience within the marketing community so that she can use it to jump into the music industry. Tia’s industry preferences are marketing or publishing so that she can help artists and/or songwriters get the most out of their work. She plays a few instruments including guitar, piano, and voice. Outside of music, Tia enjoys trying new coffee, baking, and playing Animal Crossing.