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an editorial of physics and mathematics

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Phase Transitions and the Conformal Bootstrap

Hi all, I’m Brian—a recent PhD graduate of the University of Michigan. I wanted to write a post that connects some classic concepts in physics—phase transitions—with an important branch of research—the conformal bootstrap. 

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When 123 Meets Quantum Gravity

Are the answers to the hardest questions in math and physics within our grasp? Is it possible that some of them have been staring us in the face since we learned to count? Could they come down to math as simple as 1+2=3? 


Quantum Ass

— musings on quantum mechanics, the multiverse, and scientific principles old and new

Why is there something instead of nothing? Because there is everything! 

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Person Writing

Adaptive Optics in the Atacama Desert

Greetings! If you're an astrophysics undergraduate wondering what to do after graduation - like myself only one year ago - this is intended to describe just one option that is not graduate school. 


Graviton Scattering and Geometric Bootstrap Bounds

In this post we’ll explore some of the motivation and background for a recent preprint about a new method for finding bounds on Einstein manifolds.

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How to Build a Theory

Read more to find out the way theoretical physics graduate student Amara McCune answers the question “So, what do you do all day?” for a general audience.


The fourth puzzle is a metapuzzle, which means you need to solve the first three before you can solve this last one!


Do you enjoy puzzles?

Check out this four-part series called"Theory Thinkers" by Anthony Hoover.

Musing of a Black Girl in the Ivory

Black. Woman. Physicist. 

Existing at the intersection of these identities has been a turbulent time. 

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Simulating the Quantum World

When her friends ask what I do for a living, my mom tells them that I "freeze atoms."

She is not too far off from the truth. 

The Cosmological Constant Problem

Hello! I’m Leah, a second year PhD student at Brown University, working on a wide variety of problems at the intersections of gravity, cosmology, and high energy theory. 

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Einstein's Lenses

Follow the science fiction series inspired by the posts in this editorial.

This world that we were born into can seem bleak at times. Everybody has points, moments, that stretch them until they feel they might break. And in these moments we look for new ways to view the world. There is an expression about rose tinted glasses. If you are lucky, you might find a pair to allow you to view the world, an ugly world, as its more beautiful counterpart. Rose tinted glasses can come in many forms. For some people it could be yoga, cooking, seeing their kids... but for Dr. Finch it was her research. When she found herself sad or struggling to find meaning in the world, she would instead attempt to understand how electrons and nuclei, gluons and quarks came together to form the universe in front of us. She had a simple life and a good community of people she worked with. And that's why it was surprising, that right now, at this very moment, detective Rigby Zinq was staring at her cold dead corpse.

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In the story called Einstein's Lenses, we will be exploring physics at the frontier through the eyes of Rigby Zinq as she attempts to solve a murder. Early on in the story she finds a number of references to something called "Einstein's Lenses" in a dead woman's journal. In this post, we will explain some of the concepts and applications of holography that are introduced in The Crime Scene.

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