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PhD Applications at the University of Edinburgh

We would like to encourage our readers that are interested in mathematical or theoretical physics and hoping to pursue a PhD to apply to the University of Edinburgh.


The mathematical physics group at the University of Edinburgh will soon be taking PhD applications to commence studies in September 2021. Edinburgh is an exciting place for research in both physics and mathematics, as well as being a fantastic city in which to live and work. Our group in the School of Mathematics consists of seven faculty, two postdocs and eleven PhD students, and we are part of several inter-departmental and cross-institutional research initiatives (including the Edinburgh Mathematical Physics Group, Higgs Centre for Theoretical Physics and Maxwell Institute) which provide a vibrant atmosphere for research and learning with seminars, conferences and many visitors. We also have close links with groups working on algebra, geometry, number theory and topology within the Hodge Institute.

Research in the group ranges across many different aspects of mathematical and theoretical physics. Just a few examples of current research projects in the group include: developing non-relativistic gravity and holography; classifying black holes in higher dimensions; finding new tools to compute scattering amplitudes in strong backgrounds; exploring the non-perturbative mathematical structures of quantum field theory; looking for ways to detect "extremal" black holes in gravitational wave data; and investigating the mathematical structure of supersymmetry and supergravity.

The particular interests of the faculty can be found here, with eligibility requirements and application instructions available here. Applications from women and under-represented minorities are actively encouraged! The deadline for applications to get full consideration is 31 January 2021, and short-listed candidates will be interviewed prior to offers being made.

Post Author: Tim Adamo, University of Edinburgh



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