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Theory Thinkers: Holography

A puzzle hunt is a series of puzzles whose solutions each contribute in some way to a final "Meta" Puzzle. Puzzle hunts are enjoyed by many because of their versatility in puzzle types and themes. Theory Thinkers is a brief puzzle hunt with three main puzzles followed by one Meta Puzzle. The puzzles will be themed around science, but no specific scientific knowledge is required to solve the puzzles. Have fun!


Holography 101



In a recent post by Erin, we learned a little about the concept of holography, a method of relating information from one system to another. In this variety crossword puzzle I’ve left some steps for completing the holographic theory shown below.

Note: Don't be shy! Print out this puzzle, fill it in, and uncover the final message. This puzzle is suitable for all audiences. No actual physics/math knowledge is required.

Step 1

Solve the innermost system from the following clues. This is a standard 5x5 crossword puzzle


1. Backstreet Boys hit “ _____ It That Way” (2 words)

6. A word that comes before system or panel

7. A smell or fragrance

8. In Greek mythology this giant created a mountain that shared his name

9. Spiced teas from India


1. Science fiction writer Asimov

2. The value of something

3. Hello to a Hawaiian

4. River in New South Wales first explored by botanist Allan Cunningham

5. Powdery type of volcanic rock

Step 2

Solve the rings in the bulk of the model. This is done by solving the following two sets of clues.

Radial clues: These clues are all for 5 letter words. The words start with one of the circles on the outer ring, run through the two touching circles in the middle and inner rings, then extend two letters into the inner system that you assembled in part 1 either horizontally or vertically (on the edges) or diagonally (on the corners). The radial clues are given in alphabetical order. You need to figure out where the answers go yourself.

Ring Clues: These clues are in order. They will give a series of words that are spelled clockwise around each ring. All answers are between 2 and 4 letters long. The answers can be entered into the rings starting in the circles at 12 o’clock and moving clockwise.

Note: The twelve circles that are collinear with the four stars will not be hinted by the radial clues.


Radial Clues


Remember: These clues are only in alphabetical order.

Warning in Spanish

Leaf-like part of a plant

A display of brilliance

Old MacDonald’s vowels

A sheet of paper or its page number

“_____ shakes of a lamb's tail” (2 words)

Tool used by a cowboy or Wonder Woman

“Bleeding Love” singer Lewis

Scarlett from “Gone With the Wind”

He delivers presents or coal

The trunk of the human body

Luxurious boat for the wealthy


Ring Clues


Remember: These clues are in order. Fill them in for a given ring from 12 o'clock in the clockwise direction.


Leonardo’s Lisa

Erin, Shruti, or Delilah for example

Marvel’s cinematic competitor

Found on either side of the spacebar

One third of a match, but six times a game


“My fault!”, ___ culpa

Alternative to she

Va va ____!

Joan of ___

Was placed down


In addition to

Yoga is practiced on one

Fairy or Wray

It makes honey

Wearable Hawaiian garland

Step 3

Solve the boundary system.

Now that all the rings are filled in, you will create four more 5 letter long words. These words each start with one of the stars, pass through the three collinear circles, and end one square into the central system. Can you figure out what letter goes in each star? The words that are formed are all part of a certain category and are frequently used by string theorists though one is an uncommon spelling.

To extract the final information at the boundary, read the stars clockwise. Congratulations! Now you have finished the first puzzle! Remember the answer, you will need it for a future puzzle.

A = _ _ _ _

Now on to PUZZLE 2


Author: Anthony Hoover


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