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Theory Thinkers: Optics

This is the second puzzle in the Theory Thinkers series. The first puzzle can be found here.


Optics 101



Congratulations! You have been assigned with designing the setups for an optics experiment. Each setup comes with some requirements that are necessary for the experimental procedure.

You must place exactly one mirror (at a 45° angle) in each section outlined in bold. The letters at the edges of the grid show where a laser would start and end if pointed perpendicular into the grid. The numbers indicate how many mirrors the laser hits before exiting the grid. Lasers CAN cross over themselves and other lasers. All mirrors are double sided. Below is an example setup followed by the solution and a visualization of how the lasers behave in the finished grid.

Once you have discovered the setup for each of the four experiments, it’s time to collect the data. Transfer the mirror locations and orientations from each of the four setups into this larger grid. The top left setup goes in the top left of this grid, the top right setup goes in the top right of this grid, etc.

Fire a single laser starting at the arrow and collect any letters that you cross as you go. This will reveal a clue phrase which hints at a 4 letter word. Can you determine what that word is?

Congratulations! Now you have finished the puzzle! Remember the answer, you will need it for a future puzzle. B = _ _ _ _

Now on to PUZZLE 3!


Author: Anthony Hoover


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