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Black holes are everywhere!

Do you see that?


The black hole....

You can see it?

I see its shadow....


Topics for our 1st podcast, Black holes are everywhere

We will have three main types of episodes: pop-sci, journal article discussions, and interviews.

  • What is a Black Hole? For a simple explanation, please visit this article that is part of the NASA Knows! series.

  • Black Holes at the Center of Galaxies There is strong evidence to support that black holes are at the center of nearly all large galaxies, including our own. Find out more here.

  • Black Hole Detection

  • Karl Schwarzschild This man found the first black hole solution to Einstein's field equations under extraordinarily challenging circumstances. Read Karl Schwarzschild's biography in the Abraham Zelmanov Journal.

If you are looking for a good introductory level book that covers many these topics, you may want to check out Stephen Hawking's book A Briefer History of Time.

Physics Rap: Check out some work by alpinekat. She and other physicists rap about black holes. You may also want to check out her rare isotope rap made at Michigan State University.

Brought to you by the six founding members of Theory Girls:

Erin Blauvelt, Delilah Gates, Laura Johnson, S. N. Hazel Mak, Shruti Paranjape, and Klaountia Pasmatsiou.

Image credit for EHT image (obtained from wiki)- first ever image of a black hole captured by the Event Horizon Telescope The image has been altered to be placed on a larger black background. Creative Commons License -

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Erin Blauvelt
Erin Blauvelt
Mar 15, 2020

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