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ENTROPY, BLACK HOLES, and the Heat DEATH of the Universe

Good morning Laura! I’m just walking around with my box of stuff.

It looks empty.

I will have you know it has 10^23 air molecules.

Oh no!


No! Erin fell into a black hole...

Are the 10^23 air molecules okay?

Oh no! Save the entropy! It can’t reduce!

Topics for our 2nd popular science podcast, Entropy, Black Holes and the Heat Death of the Universe.

  • The Heat Death of the universe Learn more about how cosmology thinks the universe will end in this friendly article.

  • Ludwig Boltzman developed statistical mechanics, a microscopic theory that explained properties of matter, such as temperature, heat and entropy. An interesting person, you can read more about him in this entry in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

  • What is a Black Hole? For a simple explanation, please visit this article that is part of the NASA Knows! series.

  • Information Paradox One of the biggest outstanding puzzles in theoretical physics today is broken down in this Physics World article.

Brought to you by the six founding members of Theory Girls:

Erin Blauvelt, Delilah Gates, Laura Johnson, S. N. Hazel Mak, Shruti Paranjape, and Klaountia Pasmatsiou.


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