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Interview with Prof. Gerard 't Hooft

We are very excited to bring you an interview with Prof. Gerard 't Hooft. S. N. Hazel Mak provides us with an introduction to the episode. Gerard 't Hooft shared the Nobel prize with his thesis advisor Martinus J. G. Veltman for their pioneering work on renormalization of Yang-Mills theory through dimensional regularization. He is now a distinguished professor at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. This interview involves Dr. Laura Johnson and Klaountia Pasmatsiou, as well as Shamreen Iram who is a grad student at Case Western Reserve University working in theoretical biophysics. We would also like to thank Dr. James Bonifacio for helping with the recording of this interview.

The interview begins with Laura asking Prof. Gerard 't Hooft what inspired him to study physics. We hope you enjoy it! Stream it on our podcast page.


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